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Numerous shipping and transhipping firms, as well as logistics companies are located here and deal with the further transport inland of cargo arriving at the port and shipment of goods via Hamburg abroad.

When the HHV Hamburger Handels Vertretung GmbH was offered the opportunity to take over the northern Germany sales and representation for a trade journal that exclusively deals with all matters concerning the logistics industry, it seemed natural to accept.

BOX intermodal & containers is a high-quality, professional journal featuring independent editions with their own individual content in German, Dutch and English and is published five times a year. The digital edition of BOX has a current readership of some 23,500 across the whole logistics industry and a print circulation of 2,500 copies. Readership and subscription rates clearly show that this journal is gaining popularity.  BOX is thus an excellent basis for your advertising. By presenting your company featured in an article along with adjacently positioned ads, you can further enhance your advertising success. BOX reaches your target group and with BOX you can communicate directly with your customers.

Please see some back issues of the BOX journal below, to give you an initial idea of featured topics relating to the world of logistics.

In addition, a special Christmas edition is published at the end of each year, which offers you the opportunity to present your company pictorially in a more generous fashion. In this edition, numerous companies, which are quite likely well known to you, advertise their wide-ranging activities often with a double-page pictorial spread. The 2014 edition, for example, comprised 324 pages.

What’s more, every 2 years a double-page intermodal map of Europe is printed and distributed Europe-wide with a print run of 50,000. This map also offers you the opportunity to advertise your company.

At the same time, the map often serves as the basis for talks about business locations as well as a means to project and investigate intermodal routes to reduce C02 emissions.


You can be confident that the range of products offered by the BOX intermodal & containers publishing house will continue to grow over time, guaranteeing that the excellent infrastructure presented by intermodal terminals will be even more intensively and widely used.

By distributing BOX, we at HHV place great value on individual and personal contact to our clients, in order to get to know and implement their wishes and requirements in the best way possible. In doing so, we guarantee expert, qualified consultation and provide both reliable and above all flexible solutions to cater for your interests. In order to create successful advertising for your company, we can offer you a wide range of options:


  • Single advertisements
  • The use of articles with relevant pictures
  • Right up to a multi-page presentation in all three language editions.


We would be delighted to advise you free of charge at your company about the advertising possibilities for your business. With a wide range of options, we are confident that we can find a solution that meets your budget!

Increase awareness for your company with BOX – at competitive rates.

BOX intermodal & containers

We have provided some of the last German-language editions of the journal BOX intermodal & containers as a browsable version here. Simply click on the desired title image and thus open the folder!

BOX 2015/10-13
BOX 2014/11-12
BOX 2014/09
BOX 2014/06

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